SimpleFX Spring Cashback 2021 Offer Terms & Conditions

  1. The SimpleFX Spring Cashback 2021 Offer Terms & Conditions will be called Offer in these terms and conditions.
  2. The Offer starts at 11:00:00 UTC on March 15, 2021 and ends at 11:00:00 UTC on April 28, 2021.
  3. Every registered SimpleFX client is entitled to take part in the Offer. However, only Qualified Traders will receive the Cashback.
  4. All spread calculations are based on the Liquidity Providers Spread from the Symbols Specification from this link.
  5. A Qualified Trader is a SimpleFX client who:
    • opted in for the Offer ( → $2000 Join now)
    • generated at least $5 worth of spreads on trades made with live accounts connected with one email registered at SimpleFX during a given Round of the Offer period;
    • during a given Round of the Offer has a net deposit (the difference between the total deposits and total withdrawals) in his live accounts connected with one email registered at SimpleFX that is equal to or greater than the numbers presented in the table below. The funds transferred from the affiliate panel – Unilink are not included in the total deposits:
      Minimum Net Deposit (Equivalent in USD) for Each Round Total Maximum Cachback (Paid in Bitcoin) for Each Round
      No deposit $10
      $50 $15
      $100 $30
      $200 $60
      $300 $100
      $750 $250
      $1500 $500
  6. Opt-in for the Offer is available from March 1, 2021, to April 28, 2021. If a client opts in for the Offer before March 15, he/she will be entitled to take part in each Round. If he/she joins the offer during the offer period from March 15 to April 28, he/she will be entitled to take part in the Offer starting from the time he/she joined.
  7. The Rounds are scheduled as follows:
    First Round March 15 at 11:00 AM UTC to March 25 at 10:59 AM
    Second Round March 25 at 11:00 AM UTC to April 6 at 10:59 AM
    Third Round April 6 at 11:00 AM UTC to April 19 at 10:59 AM
    Final Round April 19 at 11:00 AM UTC to April 28 at 11:00 AM
  8. The net deposit is calculated separately in each Round. This means that the user should make a new deposit in each Round to make sure he/she will receive a higher Cashback.
  9. The Cashback is worth 20% of trading spread for all trades opened and closed on live accounts during the time of the Offer, and made in accordance with the current SimpleFX Terms of Use and Customer Agreement..
  10. The spread cashback will be credited to the Qualified Traders’ accounts within 15 business days after each Round is finished.
  11. SimpleFX reserves the right, as it at its sole discretion deems fit, to alter, amend, suspend, cancel or terminate the Offer or any aspect of the Offer without the Clients’ consent by informing the Clients using the email provided by them to SimpleFX upon their registration, by SimpleFX WebTrader notification or by MT4 mailing 1 day in advance. Under no circumstances shall SimpleFX be liable for any consequences of any alteration, amendment, suspension, cancellation, or termination of the Offer.
  12. The spread cashback will be paid in Bitcoin to the client’s SimpleFX live Bitcoin account. SimpleFX reserves the right to pay spread cashback in another cryptocurrency or fiat currency, chosen at its sole discretion.
  13. Each Client (person or company) may receive a maximum of 4 cashback. If SimpleFX finds out at its sole discretion that the client was operating on multiple SimpleFX accounts, such a client will be entitled to receive a maximum of 4 cashback related to one of his accounts connected with one e-mail address (in other words, a client who has several accounts at SimpleFX registered with a different email address can participate in the Offer using only one of his/her accounts). In such a case, only the cashback with the highest amount will be added to one of the client’s SimpleFX accounts. Cashback from accounts signed at SimpleFX with different email addresses shall not be totaled up.
  14. In the event of any dispute or misinterpretation of this Offer’s Terms and Conditions, such dispute or misinterpretation shall be resolved by SimpleFX, acting in good faith and as it shall, at its sole and absolute discretion, deem fit and proper. The decision of SimpleFX shall be final and binding.
  15. SimpleFX has the right to exclude any client from this Offer if:
    • a breach of the Offer’s Terms and Conditions and/or of any term of the Terms of Use and Customer Agreement occurs;
    • the Client has more than one entry with accounts registered under different email addresses at SimpleFX in this Offer;
    • SimpleFX has reasonable grounds to believe misuse of the current Offer’s Terms & Conditions;
    • the Client acts in bad faith, abusively, fraudulently, and/or in a manner that is not in the spirit of the current Offer’s Terms & Conditions.
  16. SimpleFX will not be liable for any margin call or losses that the Client may suffer from trading during the time of Promotion, including but not limited to losses due to Stop-out Level, after the spread cashback amount is added to the Qualified Trader’s account and his account leverage is changed to the lower level.
  17. The spread cashback added to the Client’s account can be used to trade or to be withdrawn without further restrictions.