Non-Farm Payroll 2022 Schedule – Date and Time When the NFP Numbers Are Released

Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) is one of the most important macroeconomic data for the US economy. Forex, stock, commodities, and even cryptocurrency markets can react strongly to every new publication.

Day traders should have these dates marked in their calendars. Financial markets are unpredictable, but at least you can know when the new critical data arrives.

What is NFP? The numbers released by the US Department of Labor show the number of people in the United States on the payrolls of all non-agricultural businesses.

NFP is published the first Friday of each month, at 8:30 am EST. Here are the exact dates and hours. Make the necessary adjustment to your local time zone.

December 2021Jan. 07, 202208:30 AM
January 2022Feb. 04, 202208:30 AM
February 2022Mar. 04, 202208:30 AM
March 2022Apr. 01, 202208:30 AM
April 2022May 06, 202208:30 AM
May 2022Jun. 03, 202208:30 AM
June 2022Jul. 08, 202208:30 AM
July 2022Aug. 05, 202208:30 AM
August 2022Sep. 02, 202208:30 AM
September 2022Oct. 07, 202208:30 AM
October 2022Nov. 07, 202208:30 AM
November 2022Dec. 02, 202208:30 AM

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