Stocks are Tanking on Black Friday – Trade, Profit, and Grab $1,000 Guaranteed

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European stock market, and US futures are going down on news of a new super transmissive COVID variant found in South Africa. DJI30 futures are -1.66%, SPX500 -1.5%,  and RUSSELL2000 -2.8% on SimpleFX today. 

It seems that since the information about the virus broke out there was panic on the markets, since then the situation calmed down, as many investors saw an opportunity to buy-low some quality assets. 

Increased volatility came at the right time. Only this week you can benefit from falling (or growing) prices with smart leveraged orders and receive $1,000 just for trading with SimpleFX. 

Make sure you profit from all these trading opportunities and grab $1,000 paid in Bitcoin just for trading with SimpleFX until the end of this week, that is midnight UTC on Sunday, November 22. 

All you have to do is opt-in to the offer, and trade with your LIVE accounts. The higher the volume of your orders, the bigger the reward!

European stocks plummeted on early Friday trading. French CAC40 opened -4.78% compared to yesterday’s closing, German DAX30 -3.54%, and British FTSE100 -3.18%. In the next hours, all of these indices recovered slightly but soon fell again to the daily bottom.

Energy and travel companies were hit the hardest. Deutsche Lufthansa sank -15.62% and BP -10%. U.S. stock futures are in the red as they follow heavy losses in Asian markets, where NIKKEI225 closed at -2.08%.

Don’t miss out on the trading opportunities this week. After the stock market on Friday, make sure you trade crypto over the weekend and the volatility there should also be through the roof.

Make sure you opt-in to the offer, and collect $1,000 BTC on top of your regular profits.

If you’re new to SimpleFX, remember that you can get a $2,500 first deposit bonus and Black Week $1,000 gift on top of that. No time to lose. Go to SimpleFX now!


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