Stock Markets Brace for YARO (Yet Another Reopening trade)

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YARO, a term coined by Satya D. Pradhuman, CEO of Cirrus Research, is an alternative to FOMO (fear of missing out). YARO may be more profitable as it focuses on buying the most quality hi-tech and innovative companies in the wake of world trade reopening. 

While FOMO fuels the crypto market on Bitcoin, YARO is about making the right move at the right time with much more proven assets.

Global trade is expected to bounce back from the pandemic for the last months of 2021 and next year. That should fuel many economies. The World Trade Organization even pointed out Asia having the most substantial export gains; meanwhile, Africa is still losing out. 

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In early October, WTO predicted that export goods from Asia could rack up to 18.8% higher before 2022, compared to the previous two years. Africa’s exports might be rising but only by 1.9%. Meanwhile, North America’s exports can increase to 8%, and exports from Europe are expected to be up by 7.8%. 

While there can be clear evidence of trade recovery from the figures mentioned above, it is not what most traders want. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the director of the WTO, explained, “the trade recovery is strong but unequal.” She cited that those regions with high numbers of unvaccinated individuals are falling behind. 

During the early months of the global crisis, lockdowns made factories close, and restrictions made it difficult for transport networks to move freely. The recovery of trade flow started in the middle of 2020 and has slowly bounced back to its pre-pandemic situation by last year.

UBS Global Wealth Management’s chief investment officer, Mark Haefele, also advised investors in buying winners from the global growth. As the trade flows slowly recover, Haefele is optimistic that “positive sentiment will return as recent headwinds abate and the focus shifts back to the outlook for solid economic growth and strong earnings.”

With how the trade flow is performing now and as the pandemic’s complex effects slowly settle, the stock market is also bracing for YARO (Yet Another Reopening Trade). The assurance might encourage investors today, but experts still see a seesaw action between the inflation status and reflation fears has also resulted in investors being doubtful heading into the last quarter of 2021. 

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Regardless, investors must also continuously expand and find firms that accumulate a high-profit margin and large balance sheets. Essentially, higher-quality firms are consistently discounted since most investors ignore fundamentals like the balance sheets and margins to go after innovation-centric and liquidity-driven firms during the pandemic. 

The reopening must also continue to prompt upward rate pressures, impacting aggressive growth and innovation shares. Countries effectively managing COVID-19 infections signal a shift in the market, from a narrow and unstable economy to a reopening status. 

The innovation industry may be the center of the market focus as the interest rates are becoming turbulent. Meanwhile, the technology industry is trading at a significantly rich level. Historic ally, smaller companies in the sector deal with an 85% premium to a broader market than a long-term 33% premium on trailing EV/Sales perspective. Medium and large companies in the same industry trade at a 113% premium against the historical premium at 58%. 

Finally, with the continuous reopening of the economy, looking for firms and businesses with a superior margin and a more stable balance sheet will be more essential for investors as the recovery cycle continues. 


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