September Trading Ideas Winners Focus on Forex

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It really pays to post Trading Ideas and follow the advice from more experienced traders. If you are new to trading, that’s maybe the best way to make money. If you feel comfortable, why not post your strategy. You earn respect inside of the community, get an opportunity to build an affiliate network, and win additional prizes.

Following a Trading Idea by a veteran SFX user, and shorting EURUSD on September 17 could give you 350% profit (using max. leverage). Shorting DJI30 on September 14 would have given you a 67% profit.

Here’s the complete list of September winners.

Trading Idea author date strategy reward
EURUSD technical analysis abousarah25 Sep. 17 short EURUSD, entry: 1.18819, TP: 1.18009 $25
ABCD SHORT DJI30 immanuel.diehl Sep. 14 short DJI30, entry: 34884, TP: 33738 $25
USDCHF Short opportunity danitani455 Sep. 15 long USDMXN: entry: 19.86939, TP: 20.1000 $25
GBPCAD Long belabbassidiali58 Sep. 17 long GBPCAD, entry: 1.74434, TP: 1.75100 $25

Make sure you share some of your Trading Ideas in October. If they prove profitable, and your analysis is to the point, you’ll have a big chance to win BTC.


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