SimpleFX Users with Extra Profit in September

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September 2021 was an exciting month for most traders. Crypto went up and down and up many times. Natural gas appreciated 46.93% and was easy money for commodity traders. NASDAQ entered a downturn, with companies like Facebook losing over 10% of their value. 

SimpleFX traders made loads of easy money with long positions on natural gas, leveraged shorts on crypto or Facebook. Additionally, we paid up to $2,500 in BTC to the most active live traders in September.

First of all, we had a real roller-coaster in the crypto markets. During the first week of September, BTCUSD went up 12.1% in what seemed to be a genuine bullish solid rally. It ended just after crossing the $52k resistance. Bitcoin plummeted over 22.5% in just a few hours on September 7. Big players were ready to cash in on the pump, as it was the day when BTC became a legal tender in El Salvador. 

Cryptocurrencies struggled to recover from the downfall all month. However, on September 29, a solid bullish run started that resulted in a 27.2% appreciation.

Bitcoin and altcoins holders who invest their tokens with SimpleFX had an excellent opportunity to hedge their long positions with some leveraged shorts. This strategy proved highly profitable on September 7, as well as September 20 and 21. The traders that multiplied their holdings with shorts were able to buy in during the deep.

Facebook started the month well with new heights at $384.24, but it has dropped to $332.92 per share since then. Social networks’ monopolistic position seems to shake, as the company has difficulties addressing the issues with misinformation and discovering new revenue streams. 

During September, all SimpleFX users were entitled to $2,500 cashback just for trading with their LIVE accounts. If you opted in, you received BTC in early October. Stay tuned for more offers to come!

Remember that if you are investing your BTC you can transfer tokens between your wallet and SFX accounts for free with Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments.


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