Grow Your Passive Income: Here’s How

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Affiliation is a great way to earn passive income. The key to success is to invest your time in a great product, that can scale, attract many new customers, and provide you a lifetime revenue share from every friend or follower you bring to the table. SimpleFX is the best trading and investing app. You can start trading with real money in an email account, which makes it so much easier to convert. 

There are a dozen ways to promote your SimpleFX referral links and earn more cash passively.

As a SimpleFX affiliate, you get:

  • Up to 50% revenue sharing rewards from your direct affiliates
  • Another 5% revenue share from your affiliates’ clients
  • Free marketing tools to pump up your gains

Plus, your affiliates can get a 5% cashback on all their trades for 30 days upon sign up.

Here are some tips on how to share your referral links.


Tweet about SimpleFX’s awesome features and include your referral link. When someone signs up via your link, that person becomes part of your affiliate network. Whenever he or she makes a trade, you get a percentage of the fees he/she pays for a lifetime!

Go ahead and use the #SimpleFX #StopDreamingStartTrading hashtags too. Here are some great examples of Twitter posts with referral links (see red boxes):


On Facebook, include your referral link when you share your views on price directions, bullish or bearish markets, educational content, and more. Post them on your wall, your Facebook page, or in groups you are a member in.

Check out this FB post from Westport Capital Management. Their referral link is found at the bottom of the post (see red box).


Making YouTube videos is a great way to show your trading skills and strategies to your subscribers easily by sharing your SimpleFX screens. Include your referral link when you upload a video tutorial or when you share your knowledge on several trading topics.

Put your referral link in the video description or post the link on the YouTube interactive cards.

Here is an example from our partner, Pinoy Influencer, of a SimpleFX review uploaded on his YouTube channel. His referral link is included in the video description (see red box).

Blog and Website

Your SimpleFX referral link can be easily embedded to your blogs and websites. Include them somewhere in your text or use our free and exclusive banners to make your posts more engaging. On your entries, you can write a review or tutorial using SimpleFX screens or simply invite your visitors to SimpleFX promotions and events.

Check our short guide on how to access the SimpleFX banners.

Here is a blog post tutorial from one of our partners, The Cash Diaries, where a referral link was included within the text (see red box).

We have another example from FXzone about a blog post sharing a SimpleFX promotion. The blog included an embedded banner and a referral link to direct the visitors to the SimpleFX sign up page.

With every successful sign up, FXzone will get up to 50% revenue share from every trade his affiliates make.


Telegram is also a nice platform to share your referral links. Join trading groups or create your own. Then, share your thoughts about trading, symbols you like, strategies you prefer, and more. Include your SimpleFX referral link so other members can become part of your affiliate circle and get 5% cashback on their trades for 30 days.

Check out this Telegram message from our partner Theo Goodman.

Keep on sharing your referral links to gain more affiliates. The more affiliates you have, the bigger your affiliate income. Access the SimpleFX affiliate dashboard to track how much you earned in real time.

Good luck!


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