Second Round Winner Made 158% ROI in a Week

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We are only halfway through the SimpleFX Euro 2021 Trading Cup. So far, we’ve got the winners of the first and the second round. They can still go for the championship and win the main tournament.

The Global Ranking leader is the same trader who won the second week and may also win it all with a 157.55% return on investment. Remember that in the Euro 2021 Trading Cup, you can trade with real money.

Open a Contest Account, make a deposit worth at least $200 in any currency (fiat or crypto), make great trades, and go away with prizes paid in BTC on top of your regular profits.

Choose your favorite asset: gold, silver, cryptos, forex, global stocks, commodities, use any leverage available, and simply go for it!

The third round is on, and it ends on Sunday just before midnight UTC. The main competition ends at 23:59:59 UTC on July 11, just after the UEFA Euro final game ends.


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