Get an Instant $2,500 Bonus for Your First Depo

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Looking for a trading app that gives you impressive rewards for investing real money? You have found it here. SimpleFX introduces an instant First Deposit Bonus.

The rules are simple. The first deposit made after 8:00 UTC on April 26, 2021, will be rewarded with a bonus. We will credit $20, $50, $100, $500 or even $2,500 on top of it. The higher the depo, the bigger the bonus.

This offer is available for fiat and cryptocurrency accounts and is calculated as the equivalent of USD. ETH 2.0 accounts are excluded from the First Depo Bonus Offer.

The money is added to your live trading account balance, effectively increasing your margin. Each week a part of your bonus will be included in your account’s balance just like your regular profit from trading.

Once you make a depo to a new LIVE account, go to the Accounts window of the SimpleFX app, where you can see the total sum available for trading, including the bonus awarded.

The bigger your initial depo, the higher the bonus.

FirstDepo Bonus
Above $100 $20
Above $250 $50
Above $500 $100
Above $2,000 $500
Above $10,000  $2,500

Remember that at first, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus. You can do it after generating enough trading volume on this account. You can see the current status of your bonus in the “Withdraw” window. 

Hope you like our new killer offer. Make the most of it. Use it to attract more affiliates spreading the news about the $20, $50, $100, $500 and $2,500 bonuses from SimpleFX.

In case you withdraw your first deposit too soon, you may lose a part of your bonus that hasn’t yet been converted to your regular account balance. 

Read more in the SimpleFX Frist Deposit Terms & Conditions.


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