Euro 2021 Trading Cup Essentials

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The most exciting sports tournament is coming this summer, and SimpleFX launches concurrent Euro 2021 Trading Cup. We give away $50,000 in 100 prizes on top of your regular profits from trading with SimpleFX live account.

On July 11, we announce the 50 best traders in the Global Ranking, and the champion gets $7,000. Additionally, you can win rewards from a $10,000 side pool each week. 

We’ll also give away $5,000 to the affiliates who bring in the most Trading Cup participants—the winner in this competition gets $2,000.

Let’s Celebrate the Greatest Football Fest!

UEFA Euro 2020 has been postponed by a year due to the pandemic and will begin on Friday, June 11. It is the most fantastic fest for football (or soccer) fans worldwide. The event is hosted by 11 cities: Amsterdam, Baku, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Munich, London, Rome, Seville, and Saint Petersburg. 

UEFA confirmed that fans would be allowed to the matches this summer. The final game will be held at the Wembley Stadium in London on July 11. 

Trade and win awards on top of your profits

SimpleFX Euro 2021 Trading Cup starts on June 14. The traders with the highest return on investment (ROI) on their Contest Accounts get prizes. You can follow your position in the Global Ranking and Weekly Ranking. Adjust your trading strategy accordingly to your current chances of winning. 

How can I join the Trading Cup?

Sign up for a live account on the page. If you are already a SimpleFX user, open a Contest Account at or in your Android, iOS, or HarmonyOS app. Make sure your app is up to date.

One trader can open up to three Euro 2021 Trading Cup accounts. To participate in the competition, you need to make a minimum $200 deposit (or equivalent) to the contest account. Read more about the competition terms and conditions

When does it start?

The SimpleFX 2021 Trading Cup starts at 0:00:00 UTC on June 14 and ends at 23:59:59 UTC on July 11.

The users with the highest ROI in the following periods will get additional weekly bonuses paid from the side prize pool:

  • June 14, 00:00:00 UTC – June 20, 23:59:59 UTC
  • June 21, 00:00:00 UTC – June 27, 23:59:59 UTC
  • June 28, 00:00:00 UTC – July 4, 23:59:59 UTC
  • July 5, 00:00:00 UTC – July 11, 23:59:59 UTC

What can I win?

The standings are updated live and divided into Global Ranking, Weekly Ranking.

Ten best traders in the Weekly Ranking get between $600 and $150.

Weekly Ranking Standings Prize
1 600 USD
2 500 USD
3 350 USD
4-10 1,050 USD (divided equally – 150 USD per user)


Fifty best traders in the Global Ranking receive $7,000 to $200.

Global Ranking Standings Prize
1 7 000 USD
2 5 000 USD
3 3 500 USD
4-10 7000 USD (divided equally, 1,000 USD per user)
11-25 7,500 USD (divided equally, 500 USD per user)
26-50 5,000 USD (divided equally, 200 USD per user)


Additionally, users who attract the largest number of contest participants with their referral links get a reward worth $2,000 to $200.

Affiliates Ranking Standings Prize
1 2 000 USD
2 1 000 USD
3 600 USD
4-10 1 400 USD (divided equally, 200 USD per user)


Winners can withdraw all prizes without any restrictions. The sum of the global, side, and affiliate prize pools depends on the total number of active Contest Accounts at 23:59:59 UTC, July 11. The three prize pools and the prizes will be divided accordingly to the tables above proportionally with the total prize pool equal. Read more in the Euro 2021 Trading Cup T&C.


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