Earn 50% Revenue Share with the New Affiliation Levels

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SimpleFX is growing organically through our recommendations program. We have improved our trading and investing app by adding new features, accounts, and assets recently. That’s why we want to speed things up a little bit, so we decided to double the revenue share levels. 

tier revenue income old revenue share new revenue share
Bronze $0 – $5 5% 10%
Silver $5 – $500 7% 15%
Gold $500 – $5,000 10% 20%
Platinum $5 000 – $15,000 15% 30%
Diamond >$15,000 25% 50%


From now on, everyone gets a 10% revenue share from the get-go. Once you start earning money through our affiliation, you can quickly reach a 50% revenue share. Yes, it’s not a mistake. We will share our profits with you fifty-fifty!

Here’s how to do it. Invite your friends, offer them a 5% discount on fees, trade together, and we’ll send you 10% of the spread generated from this account. It is a lifetime revenue share that only gets better with time.

Once you earn just $5, you immediately jump to the next affiliation level. For the next month, you will earn a 15% revenue share. Now it’s much easier to snowball your income, and you will quickly cross the $500 per month limit, which will qualify you for the Golden tier rewarded with 20% revenue

From now on, your affiliation business should accelerate even more. Once you pass $5000 monthly income, the reward increases to 30%. Now we are giving away to you almost one-third of all the spread generated by your network. With a revenue share so high, you can easily reach the most elevated – Diamond level, where you become SimpleFX legit partner, and we share profits with you fifty-fifty.

Give our affiliation a try. Remember, you don’t have to invest any money nor make any trade to profit from the SimpleFX affiliation program. Just sign up for a free account with your e-mail address and start earning BTC just for sharing the referral links. Post them on blogs, forums, social media, telegram groups. 

SimpleFX is the best trading & investment app powered by cryptocurrencies. It’s global and free, so it’s effortless to attract new traders. Give it a try!

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Here’s why SimpleFX is the best Trading and Investing App

  • no ID verification for cryptocurrency accounts. Sign up with e-mail!
  • Invest Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, and any of the 40 supported cryptocurrencies
  • No minimum deposits
  • No fees
  • Fantastic apps for every device
  • ETH 2.0 Stake & Trade accounts
  • Up to 50x leverage on stocks $1,000 depo = $50,000
  • Up to 500x leverage on Forex $1,000 depo = $50,000
  • Reputable – over seven years in the market
  • Global reach – check out for your local currency (over 20 fiat currencies)
  • Great support English, Spanish, Portuguese and more (probably in your language)
  • SimpleFX is independent and not controlled by Wall Street
  • Active development team willing to add new features especially for you
  • Frequently updated WebTrader (working in every browser), native iOS and Android apps 
  • The most efficient cryptocurrency payments. Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) fast transfers with super low fees (100 times lower than Ethereum ERC-20)

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