Now is the Time to Trade MicroStrategy Stock and Win $500

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Trade one of the favorite stocks among bitcoiners and win BTC. Why a business intelligence and cloud-based services company is so hot in the crypto world? Well, MicroStrategy was one of the first institutions to invest their funds in crypto. They purchased their first BTC in August 2020, way before Tesla, actually, they claim to have convinced Elon Musk’s company to make the move.

So far MicroStrategy managed to gather 90,859 BTC at an average price of $24k, which is worth $5.26 billion right now.

No wonder, MSTR.US stock price is strongly related to BTCUSD. However, it’s much more volatile. It peaked on February 9 with $1315 per share, only to plummet later to $620 right now. Many analysts still believe that the company is overvalued, with the market cap above the value of bitcoin they own at $6.076. On the other side, MicroStrategy executives revealed a 10.3% rise in revenue after Bitcoin purchases. At the end of the day, it all depends on today’s cryptocurrency market 🙂

Buy or short MSTR.US stock with up to 50x leverage. Do it now, and win a prize. Ten SimpleFX traders with the highest trading volume until 8:00 UTC on May 13 get prizes. The winner receives $200 in bitcoin. We give away $500 in total. Read more in T&C.


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