April Winners: These Trading Ideas Were Spot On

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April has been a fantastic month for margin traders. Especially those investing in the US stocks, and some major forex pairs. Remember that thanks to our awesome Trading Ideas feature you can both:

  • follow the strategies from the best SimpleFX traders and copy them
  • Publish your ideas, earn respect in the community, and win awards

Here’s the list of our Trading Ideas contest in April.

Trader Trading Idea Prize
abousarah25 NDX100 Technical analysis $25
softzeyan EURGBP Technical analysis $25
abousarah25 gbpjpy overbought $25
vasquez2197 USDJPY H1. Short $25


NDX100 Technical analysis

On April 5, abousarah25 advised buying NDX100, making profit at 13900:

as long as the price is still the channel I think the price will keep movin up untill test the record of 13913, the price now is at the support of 13383, I will buy with take profit at 13900 area.

This proved to be a great idea, as the index climbed strongly, reaching the level within a few days as you can see in the chart below.

Hope you were already following abousarah25 and made a similar move.

EURGBP Technical analysis

Also on April 5, softzeyan gave this advice on EURGBP for fellow SimpleFX forex traders:

after it went deep down, the bulls are ready to take control again, as we see the price touched the down trendline, and it’s ready to go up to test the 1st resistance at 0.8595, and if it break the trend, so it will go at 0.8645 when it will face a strong resistance.

It turned out to be a great Trading Idea, as the pair exploded 2.25% in the next three to four trading days, and entered a sideway drift later.

Well done!

gbpjpy overbought

Again, on April 5, abousarah25 showed on a chart analysis that GBPJPY might have been trading too high:

this pair is marking an overbought like we see on the chart , 153.31 is a good point to seel with take profit at 150.55 when it will retest the trendline, if it break it , then the big short will begin again.

Indeed, the British pound fell by over 2% against the Japanese yen in the next two trading days. 

Another score for the trader and the followers.

USDJPY H1. Short

Finally, one of the best TI authors vasquez2197 on April 7 predicted USDJPY falling down. This proved to be a great hint for both Spanish and English speaking users:

Entrada en corto en el Par USDJPY H1. Entrar entre los precios 109.817 y 109.752, buscar tomar beneficios al precio de 109.232 y colocar el stop loss al precio de 109.979. Saludos! English: Short entry in USDJPY H1. Enter between the prices 109,817 and 109,752, seek to take profits at the price of 109,232 and place the stop loss at the price of 109,979. Greetings!

The level was reached in five days of trading. Congratulations!

SimpleFX Trading Ideas contest goes on. Publish as many quality TIs as you want, you can only win awards, followers, and passive income in our affiliate program.


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