The Most Profitable Trading Ideas in March

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SimpleFX Trading Ideas are a great tool to share your insight and knowledge and earn passive income. When you use the “Share” button your referral link is attached to the Trading Idea. When somebody signs up to SimpleFX after clicking it, you will receive a lifetime revenue share from every trade this account ever makes with us

Additionally, every month we send cash to the authors of the best Trading Ideas. Here are the winners of the Trading Ideas contest in March.

Trader Analysis Prize
purwantokali BTC is looking for 58000 again! $50
deneriham USDMXN technical analysis $25
vasquez2197 XAUUSD H1. Entrada en Corto. #SimpleFXTradingIdeas $25


On March 7 trader purwantokali published his “BTC is looking for 58000 again!” analysis.

we see the price is still inside the channel, if the candle called above 50000, so it will break the red trendline and go ahead for 58000 again. good luck!

BTCUSD was trading at $50,607 at the moment. The SFX trader predicted it should go back up to the previous historic high, setting a take profit level at $58,000. On March 13, Bitcoin set a new record trading at $61,716 on SimpleFX.

Congratulations to the author of the analysis as well as all the traders who followed this idea or just went long on bitcoin before it hit $60,000.  

This was the best analysis in March and its author gets $50 from us. Thanks for sharing!

On March 8, deneriham posted the “USDMXN technical analysis”.

At the moment USDMXN traded at 21.46, the Trading Idea advised to short the US dollar against the Mexican peso with a 1st take profit at $20.92 and second at $20.49.

the price retested the trendline and it’s ready for the short move now, 20.92 will be good point to take profit , and 20.49 as 2nd target if the short rally won’t stop.

USDMXN dropped to these levels a few days later. The Trading Idea author gets $25 for the second prize. 

On March 11, vasquez2197 posted a Trading Idea in Spanish “XAUUSD H1. Entrada en Corto. #SimpleFXTradingIdeas”, suggesting shorting XAUUSD.

The trader described an entry at $1729, the first take profit at $1709.36 and the second at $1702.68. 

Entrada en Corto en el par XAUUSD H1, se puede entrar en este mismo instante o cerca de la línea horizontal de color blanco y buscar tomar beneficios ya sea en el primer take profit a un precio de 1709.36 o en el segundo take profit a un precio de 1702.68. Se recomienda mover a empate apenas se tenga la oportunidad. Saludos!

The gold prices dropped to both levels over the next few days, bringing substantial payback, especially to the SimpleFX traders, who leveraged their short positions.

As you can see, following the best Trading Ideas can be very profitable. 

If you have an interesting insight on any symbol, share it with the community. You can only win by doing so. Earn respect among SimpleFX traders, build and expand your affiliate network.

We’ll give away more prizes in April. Remember to always try to use some drawing tools for your technical analysis, and describe your idea in a few sentences where you give stop loss and take profit levels. Your analysis will be clearer for your followers, and you’ll have a great chance to win $100 if your idea proves to be right 😉


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