Binance Smart Chain $1000 Giveaway Winners

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SimpleFX traders really enjoy the BEP-20 transfers are really fast and cost little. We have introduced them recently and already they are used by hundreds of users every day.

We have just finished the Binance Smart Chain $1000 Giveaway. The rules were simple. The traders who made the biggest single deposit using the BEP-20 network received the price. 

Here’s the winner list:

Trader Currency Prize
1 getitiger USDT $300
2 Quyntn68 BNB $200
3 MarcosmosS (caceresfull) BUSD $100
4 bailleul.r USDT $57,14
5 nguyenhongminhsp USDT $57,14
6 scatigna121 BNB $57,14
7 juizaiasvieira USDT $57,14
8 Whale USDT $57,14
9 ckennedyexteriors BNB $57,14
10 gaurav.benediction USDT $57,14


The money will be sent soon to their trading accounts. Congratulations!

Enjoy BSC BEP-20 payments, and trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, gold, silver, and more. Tell your friends about SimpleFX, send them an affiliate link to earn a lifetime revenue share.

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