$1000 Giveaway! Trade three hot US stocks and collect $300

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Let me introduce you to three of the hottest companies recently. Riot Blockchain, Palantir Technologies, and Rocket Companies are very different, what they have in common is through-the-roof volatility. They are all “meme investors” favorites in the last few days. Follow Reddit and Twitter mentions about these stocks and trade. They can go up or down by 70% anytime.

We want you to trade the three stocks with SimpleFX and we’ll give you $300 on top of your profits. We are giving away $1000 to the traders who make the highest trading volume on any of these three stocks.

Trade now! This is a limited-time offer that ends on March 24.

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If you are bullish on cryptocurrencies, you can increase your position by buying cryptocurrency mining stocks, like Riot Blockchain. If you think we are nearing the top of the bitcoin bubble, why not go short.

Riot Blockchain ran from $3.5 per share in November to almost $80 in February. That’s impressive. Then it dropped below $40 in just two weeks, but guess what, it quickly bounced back going up 34% yesterday!

Palantir Technologies is another tech company you might not have heard of, which is making a splash in the financial markets recently. They specialize in big data analytics for corporate clients and government agencies.  

The stock dropped recently significantly along with other tech businesses. In late January it spiked to $44, but now it’s trading at $24, and unlike Riot Blockchain has not experienced a bounce back. If you believe Nasdaq is experiencing just a retracement not a trend change recently, it may be a buy-low opportunity. If you think markets may dive soon, it may be the right time to short PLTR.

Finally, a typical old-school company that has become a target of Reddit forums like WallStreetBets. Rocket Companies is a Detroit-based real estate services company that has not been doing well since it went public in August 2020. However, once the “meme investors” targeted it their stock flew from $20 in late February to $40 in March. On March 2 it soared over 72% and many SimpleFX traders were delighted. Since then it dropped back to $25 but may explode at any time. Make sure you monitor Twitter and Reddit to see if the next social pump is coming.

You can trade all three companies with leverage using your cryptocurrency or local currency account and win one of our prizes. Terms and conditions apply.


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