How to Create a New Trading Account and Switch Between Accounts

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In the previous posts, we discussed how to opt in and how to make a deposit. Here, let’s talk about how to create a new account and switch between accounts. SimpleFX allows you to create multicurrency accounts and use them to trade in different markets.

Create a New Currency Account on Desktop

Log in to SimpleFX. Then, click on the Main menu (☰).

Next, click on “Accounts & Deposits” to the list of your live and demo accounts.

To add a new account, click on the “Add accounts” button at the bottom.

Then, choose to add a demo account or a live account. In this example, let’s click on the red “Live” button to create a live trading account. In a live trading account, you are opening a hard currency account where you can make a deposit to trade with real money.

Then, choose the currency you want for this account. (1) Choose the currency for this account, (2) type in your SimpleFX password, and (3) click on the “Create account” button at the bottom.

You have now successfully created a new live trading account. You will see a confirmation window indicating your live account number. From here, you can make a deposit or go back to the home screen.

Switch Between Accounts on Desktop

From the home screen, you can see the symbol of which account is currently in use. Here, I am currently using a Chainlink live account (see the Chainlink symbol and the red horizontal line indicating a live account. It is green for a demo account.)

To switch to another account, go to the main screen, and click on the Accounts shortcut represented by the account symbol.

You will now see the list of your accounts. Scroll down and click on the account you want to use.

You have now successfully switched to another account. A confirmation message will appear on your screen at the top middle.

Create a New Currency Account on Mobile

To create a new account on the mobile app, first, log in to your SimpleFX app. Then, go to the Main menu at the center. 

Tap on “Accounts & Deposits” to see the list of your live and demo accounts.

In this example, we want to create a live Chainlink account. So here, tap on the +plus button in the LIVE Accounts section.

Next, type in the name of the currency account you want to add. In this case, let’s type “link” to find Chainlink. Then, tap on the currency name once it appears.

To create the account, you need to retype your password.

We have now successfully created a Chainlink Live account on SimpleFX mobile app. You will receive a confirmation on your screen.

Switch Between Accounts on Mobile

We’ve created a new live Chainlink account. Now, we want to switch to it. I am currently using my live Bitcoin account (marked with a colored bullet). To switch to the new live Chainlink account, click on the bullet next to that account.

That’s it. You will see a confirmation that your account has been changed.

Now, you can trade on different symbols using your new live Chainlink account.

At SimpleFX, you can create multiple accounts as you please. It is free and so easy to do. Once you created your preferred account, don’t forget to make a deposit so you won’t miss any profit opportunities.

The Valentine’s Week Bonus will run until February 15. Make a deposit and trade to get a sweet treat of up to $250 cashback. Do you have some genius trading moves? Share it as a trading idea and you can grab another $100 reward!

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