Use Our “Valentine’s Week Bonus” Landing Page to Gain More Affiliates

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Our Valentine’s Week Bonus offer will start soon! Traders can grab up to $250 cashback trading on February 8–15. You can now share your exclusive landing page for this offer that is connected to your referral link. When someone registers through your landing page, he/she becomes a new affiliate in your network. Whenever that new trader makes a trade, you earn up to 25% lifetime revenue share!

The new landing page is exclusive for affiliates. If you don’t have a SimpleFX account yet, just sign up here for free and use our wide range of affiliate tools for passive income. Promote early for higher affiliate profit. Here’s how.

How to Access the “Valentine’s Week Bonus” Offer Landing Page

First, go to SimpleFX and click on the Main menu (☰). 

Click on “Refer friends.”

You will see a pop-up window containing your referral link. Click on the “Go to Affiliate Dashboard” button.

Once you are on the Affiliate Dashboard, click the “New Campaign” button on the left side of the screen.

Create a new campaign. Enter the name of the campaign, and then click on the “Create Campaign” button.

Next, share the campaign by clicking on the “Share campaign +” button.

Choose how you like to share and promote your campaign. SimpleFX has many ways to help you create engaging promotional materials. From this list, click on “+Add Landing Page.”

Then, click on the “arrow” next to the graphics, and choose the “Valentine’s Special Offer” landing page.

Finally, click on “copy” to get your unique link to the “Valentine’s Week Bonus” landing page.

Post this link on Facebook, YouTube or other social media platforms, or embed it on your blog or website to grab up to 25% lifetime revenue share with every new user who signs up!

Here is a sample post you can share:

Grab $250 cashback when you trade Tilray, Bitcoin, GameStop, silver and over 200 symbols on February 8–15!

  • 20% Off spreads
  • Trade on your phone/laptop
  • Easy email sign up
  • Deposit in fiat or crypto
  • Up to 500x max leverage = 500x buying power
  • Go to [YOUR LINK HERE]

Make sure to include your landing page link or referral link on your post. Spread the love for trading and start your campaigns early for bigger revenue. Good luck!

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