Trade GME and Silver with Bitcoin. Never Get Robbed by Robin Hood Again!

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In case you missed it, we are going through a historic battle: individual traders vs. Wall Street. SimpleFX is the ultimate weapon in the hands of the people! You can trade GME, AMC, and silver with bitcoin and an e-mail address. 

The community of individual traders pumped up stocks of struggling companies GameStop and AMC Entertainment. These stocks were heavily-shorted by hedge funds. “Irrational” buying frenzy caused a “short squeeze”. GME flew 1,600% in January.

The same happened to AMC, and is happening to Silver. The same will happen to other stocks and assets, and you will find all of them on SimpleFX.

Everyone wants to trade GameStop and silver. However, the mainstream apps are not trustworthy after Robinhood suspended trading GME and AMC at the critical, most profitable moment on Thursday, January 28.

It’s different with SimpleFX. With our app you can trade GME, AMC, Silver, and all other hot assets with cryptocurrency accounts. 

We are fully independent. Wall Street has zero control over us.

Now is the time to grow your SimpleFX affiliate network. We have prepared special ads for you and we’ll add them to the Affiliate Dashboard this week. Spread your referral links on social media, Telegram, Reddit, everywhere!

Here’s the message for your friends and followers:

Looking for an independent broker to trade GME, AMC, and Silver? Go to SimpleFX:

  • Sign up with an email address
  • Make a depo with local currency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptos
  • Up to 50x leverage on stocks $1,000 depo = $50,000 buying power
  • SimpleFX is independent and not controlled by Wall Street
  • Go to SimpleFX

Remember to plug in your referral links everywhere, so you earn your 25% lifetime revenue share. Good luck!


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