Treasure Hunt: Look for Clues and Grab up to $50!

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We’ve brewed something amusing for you!

Treasure Hunt is a minicontest where traders can get a prize whenever they chance upon a “hidden” message. You can find it randomly in our email, blog, notification, social media posts or any of our official communications where we share essential market news, trend analysis, tutorials, promos, and so much more. Try to look at every corner of our communication channels. Aside from awesome content, you can win a bounty of up to $50!

Once you see the “hidden” message, just follow the short instructions there. It will be different every time. The first person to see the hidden message and follow the instructions will receive a bounty!

The reward can be in crypto or fiat currency and will be transferred to the winner’s live SimpleFX account within 15 business days. All details will be found in the hidden message itself.

We will contact the winner via a comment, an email, or using any SimpleFX Official correspondence.

Look for clues and get up to $50 reward in a flash. Good luck!

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