Share These Black Friday Banners and Grab up to 25% Affiliate Revenue

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SimpleFX is giving away up to 100 Tether to each client who trades on Black Friday!

On November 23–30, 2020, traders will enjoy trading with 20% lower spreads and get a cashback of up to 100 Tether! Forex trading volume at SimpleFX is getting higher during this time of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to invite others to SimpleFX and make a booming passive income. How to do it?

Just share our free ready-to-use Black Friday Promo banners! These banners will help you generate affiliate earnings faster and easier. When someone signs up through your banners or referral link, you can get up to 25% lifetime revenue from your direct referrals and another 5% from your direct referrals’ affiliates.

How to Access the Black Friday Promo Banners

Log in to your SimpleFX account. Then, click on the main menu (☰).

Click on “Refer friends.”

Here you can find your referral link. Feel free to use our social media modals (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram) to share your referral link in one click.

To access the Black Friday Promo banners, click on the “Go to Affiliate Dashboard” button.

You now see the Affiliate Dashboard where you can check real-time statistics about the activities from your referral link such as views, clicks, conversions, geographical locations and more.

Click on “Marketing tools” to get the Black Friday banners.

You now see all available banners. Remember to only use the promo banners before or within the promo periods.

Click on “Black Friday Promo – Grab 100 Tether!” version 1 or 2. These banners are valid until November 30.

Set the banner properties. You can change the language and size, and organize your banners by setting a campaign and link destination. Once done, copy the unique HTML code.

Alternatively, you can simply save the banner on your device and share it on your social media along with your referral link.

How to Share the Banners

Get passive income by sharing these Black Friday Promo banners on different online platforms.

Blogs/websites: Copy the HTML code and simply embed on your websites or blogs.

Social media posts: Right click on the banner image and save to your computer. Upload this image together with your referral link in the caption, and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and other social media platforms.

YouTube videos and posts: Display the banner on your videos and include your referral link on the video description or pinned comment. You can also post the banner image to your Community tab with your referral link in the post or pinned comment.

Email blast: Send the banner and your referral link to your email marketing list.

Direct share: Send the banner with your referral link directly to your family members, friends, and social media followers who are also interested in trading.

Enjoy making profit at SimpleFX. Good luck!


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