Trading Hour Changes due to Daylight Saving Time in Europe

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Due to the upcoming end of Daylight Saving Time in Europe on October 25, 2020, the trading hours on the following markets will change, starting from October 25 (UTC time).

Instruments Trading Hours (UTC)
Equities DE 8:00–16:30
Equities FR 8:00–16:30
Equities SE 8:00–16:25
Equities UK 8:00–16:30
UKOIL 1:00–22:00
CAC40 8:00–21:00
DAX30 8:00–21:00
FTSE100 8:00–21:00
IBEX35 8:00–19:00
SMI20 8:00–21:00
STOXX50 8:00–21:00

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