Boost Affiliate Earnings with New US Election Banner Ads

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The US election is coming in fast. Investors and traders keep a close watch on how the markets will react. Analysts predict that major price changes are on their way to popular instruments like S&P 500, gold, EURUSD, and USDJPY.

SimpleFX is running the $2000 SimpleFX US Election Trading Cup, a series of trading contests where traders take advantage of US election volatility and trade more with additional rewards! The trading cup is composed of four trading contests that will run separately from September 14 to November 1. A total of $2000 prize pool will be given away. Expect higher returns during the critical election phases.

As part of the promotion, SimpleFX affiliates also get access to new US election affiliate banner ads that they can easily share on their blogs or on their social media.

If you’re a SimpleFX affiliate, here is how you can get the new US election banners and earn up to 25% lifetime revenue shares!

How to Access the US Election Banners

Log in to SimpleFX, and go to the main menu on the upper left.

From the drop-down menu, click on “Refer friends.”

You will see a pop-up window where you have three options to share your referral link and/or access the banners.

Option 1: Copy referral link and share with your friends – here you have your unique referral link that you can easily copy and share with your friends or followers online.

Option 2: Social media sharing – our social media plug-ins let you easily share your link on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. After clicking on the social media buttons, you will be directed to the social media modals with an auto-generated but editable post containing your unique referral link. Just click on “send” to post it on your social media account.

Option 3: Go to Affiliate Dashboard – this is where you can access the SimpleFX promotional banners and other marketing tools.

To access the US election banners, click on “Go to Affiliate Dashboard” (option 3).

On the Affiliate Dashboard, you will see your affiliate statistics such as number of views your referral link had, clicks, conversions, demographic data, etc. Our affiliate statistics are clear and transparent.

To access the banner ads, click on “Marketing tools.”

You can now see the list of banners available. SimpleFX runs many promotions. All banners provided here can be used by our affiliates.

Choose the “US Election Trading Cup” banner.

Set the banner properties according to your preference. You can change the language, banner size, campaign and link destination.

You can easily group your promotions into campaigns for easy sorting. To set a new campaign, just click on the “New campaign” button at the end of the menu on the left. Otherwise, just set the campaign and link destination as “default.”

After setting the banner properties, an HTML code will be generated on the left. Copy this code and embed it on your blog or website.

You can also share the banners on your social media posts. Simply save the banner on your computer and post it on your wall with your SimpleFX personal referral link so your friends can see it. You can then share this post to your FB pages or FB groups.

You’re now set to sharing the US election banners. Use them to spread the word on US election trading opportunities while pushing your affiliate income higher. The more affiliates you have, the higher your lifetime revenue share earnings.

The US election promotional banners are available on the contest periods only from September 14 to November 1. Promote early to grab more rewards.

Good luck!


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