Chainlink $1000 Giveaway Ends Soon

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Don’t miss your chance to participate in the SimpleFX $1000 Chainlink Special Offer. The event ends at 23:59:59 UTC on September 24. 

There are two ways you can do it:

  1. Trade the LINKUSD pair 
  2. Make a Chainlink (Link) deposit

When the offer ends ten SimpleFX users with the biggest LINKUSD trading volume will get $500, while the other ten SimpleFX users with the largest single Chainlink deposit will share another $500 in prizes.

Making a LINKUSD trade 

Here’s how you can make a LINKUSD trade. Type “link” to the the search bar (1). Click on the “Symbol” tab (2), and choose “New order” (3).

Now it’s time to open your first LINKUSD order. Choose the side of the market by clicking SELL or BUY tab. Then adjust your order size (4) and click the “Submit” button (5). That’s it!

Making a deposit with Chainlink

First, you need to create a new LINK account. Go to the ☰ menu in the top left corner of the app, then pick the Accounts & Deposits tab. Click the “Add accounts” button.

Choose a Live account. 

Set LINK as the currency (1), type your new account password (2) and enter it again (3).

Now go to back again to the ☰ menu, choose  “Accounts & Deposits”, and click the ”Deposit” button.

Pick Chainlink and deposit your coins using the QR code (1) or the Chainlink alphanumeric address (2) displayed on the payment module.

Please, note that only the Chainlink ERC20 network is supported for SimpleFX LINK deposits. Sending coins or tokens other than LINK or using another chain network may result in a loss of your deposit.



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