We Gave Away 26,000 USDT in SimpleFX “Summer Trading” Offer!

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The SimpleFX Summer Trading Offer has ended. A total of 26,000 USDT cashback were sent to SimpleFX traders who made trades in July and August.

It was an exciting time for margin traders as volatility was rocking the markets recently. The pandemic drove the markets down early this year. But some instruments are slowly getting back on their feet as summer ends. Higher volatility provides higher returns when you trade with leverage.

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Another promo is coming your way this month.

Watch out for the $2000 SimpleFX US Election Trading Cup! Trade on any of the hottest symbols (EURUSD, SPX500, XAUUSD, USDJPY) and grab a prize. A total of $2000 will be given away. This promo will run from September 14­ to November 1. Mark your calendars!


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