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Now you can buy or sell (short) one of the hottest stock. Delivery Hero is a multinational online food-delivery service based in Berlin, that recently became one of the 30 biggest publicly traded companies in Germany.

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They grow like crazy and already operate in more than forty countries. Not only Europe, but Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The Uber Eats challenger already cooperates with more than half a million restaurants. 

Delivery Hero has recently joined DAX30 and is one of Germany’s 30 biggest listed companies. Conservative investors consider it an insult as the startup has never made any profit in nine-years history. Unlike the S&P 500, which takes profitability under consideration, for a company to be listed in DAX30 it’s enough to present top 30 market capitalization (17.5 billion euros at the time of writing this article) and substantial turnover of shares.

That’s not a problem for margin traders. Startups like Delivery Hero are much more attractive trading assets than traditional German car manufacturers. Who cares about net profit, when you can buy or sell a company that gained 115% in four months, only to drop by 18% in ten days.

Delivery Hero value depends on the company’s expansion strategy. The stocks are perfect for reactive trades. Read the news about the company, such as the one that appeared yesterday, about the acquisition of InstaHop, a grocery app popular in the Middle East, for $365 million.

Good luck trading!


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