Oil Volatility Returns: New SimpleFX Affiliate Banner Ads

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The demand for fuel falls as the coronavirus quarantine measures take effect. The pandemic made a deadly blow to the oil market, driving it deep into negative territory on April 20. US crude oil price plunged from $18 a barrel to –$38 within a few hours. The US WTI May contracts for crude oil fell by 321% and experienced an all-time low at –$40.32 per barrel.

The oil market could experience massive price swings in the coming weeks.

WTI Crude Oil [NYMEX] (Spot) CFD on April–May 2020, SimpleFX WebTrader

Volatility offers opportunities to earn more. Grab this chance. Share the news to your friends or followers using our unique banners and earn a 30% revenue share until June 30. The first ten referrals will also receive 10% off spreads for the first three months!

It is simple. Here’s how it works. Use a new set of banners and contact partnership@simplefx.com using the address registered at SimpleFX. Make sure your affiliate referral link is visible in the new banner set.

How to Use the Banners

Log in to the SimpleFX WebTrader, then click on the main menu “☰.”

Choose “Refer friends.”

Click on “Check our Pro affiliate panel” to access the Unilink Affiliate Marketing dashboard.

On the affiliate menu, click on “Marketing Tools” to show the marketing banners available. Then, choose the “Oil Record Low” or the “Markets Volatility” banners.

Set the banner specifics to suit your needs. Follow Steps 1–4 to set your language, banner size, campaign, and link destination. If you don’t have any campaign or target, just set it to default. Once done, a unique HTML code will be generated on the right side of the screen.

Copy the code and embed it on your website or blog. You can now attract more referrals easily.

New users who signed up at SimpleFX through your banners will be part of your affiliate circle. Until June 30, you will receive a 30% revenue share for every trade that your affiliate makes. Your first ten affiliates will also enjoy 10% off spreads for 3 months.

Trade at home and share your banners today!


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