Jan-Feb Trading Ideas Contest Winners

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Following the advice of the most advanced SimpleFX users, you can make a sky-high profit without any experience.

Take a look at the winning Trading Ideas of the most recent round of our contests, and see how much you could have earned.

Here’s the complete list of the winners

First place nurhd007: GBPAUD reaches 0.618 “”WE CAN SHORT NOW”

The SFX trader nurhd007 wrote on February 1:

 “GBP AUDreaches fibonacci level 0.618. giving us a good opportunity to sell around 0.382 and 0.236 with a STOP of 130 PIP’s very good R / R Ratio”

Following his advice, and shorting GBPAUD at 1.973 and closing the position at 1.926 with the highest leverage available for forex pairs at SimpleFX (1:500), you could have made a stunning 1204% profit. Investing $52.13 was enough to make $627.86!

Second place Expert trader: long usoil

On February 12, Expert trader wrote:

“Buy usoil, target 51.12, 52, and last tp 54. sl: 49.75”

It turned out to be another great piece of advice.

Third place ImNotTheWolf: Short TSLA at $1,000!!!

This veteran trader wrote on February 4:

“Shorting Tesla at $1,000. It has gone parabolic and there is absolutely no way that this rally can be sustained like this. The markets are all pumping due to China’s 100+ Billion dollars injected into the markets. People will definitely be taking profits soon. My take profit on the short will be the daily gap close.”

The stock went down, and ImNotTheWolf won a prize. The winners receive $50, $30, and $20 respectively. 

This is nothing in comparison to the profits everybody made following their advice. With SimpleFX Trading Ideas earning money on financial markets is easy.

The next Trading Ideas contest starts on February 18 and ends on March 12. I’s easy – draw a chart analysis, predict the trend, share it, and win $100.

Read our guide if you don’t know how to make a Trading Idea.

Win the contest and we will credit the prize to your Bitcoin account for 7 days. This round of Trading Ideas Contest ends on March 12. You can submit as many Trading Ideas as you like.


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