Trading Ideas Dec-Jan Winners. You Could Have Made 250% Following the Best

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Our December-January Trading Ideas contest is over. Congratulations to all the winners. They all predicted the trend correctly, so if they opened a leveraged position accordingly to their forecast, they must have made some substantial profit.

We’ve got good news for everyone. The next edition of the Trading Ideas contest starts on January 21 at 00:00:01 UTC. Publish and share your chart analysis and win $100! Here are the rules.

Here’s the list of our last Trading Ideas contest. 

1st place – hanimoh330

WTI is still inside the up channel, now is good time to sell, as we can see the overbought and double top, 1st take profit will be at 60.30 and the next one will be at 57.00 if the market closes below 60.00.

The trader recommended on January 4, 2020, selling WTI Crude Oil at NYMEX at 63.02, with a first take profit at 59.67, and a second one at 56.77.

The prediction proved to be right. Following the recommendation with the highest leverage available on this asset, you could have made over 166% profit on this slight and safe move (first take profit). Over the next days the price fell below $58, but hasn’t reached the second take profit so far. If you cashed at $58, you would have made 250% profit.

2nd place – sola811

There is a good opportunity to buy ETHUSD, as we can see on the RSI? oversold,and the price now is testing double bottom area at 130 USD, I think it will go up until 150 USDn where the upside of the channel, if the price break it, there is a good chance to see 200 USD again ( the last strong resistance. Good luck

The trader recommended buying Ethereum at $129.34 on December 12, 2019. The price has gone so far up to 164.61. 

3rd place – abedtouha27

BTC is stuck in the area of 7200 for more than one month, and it can’t break it after many tries, so it try to break the trendline and go up, there is two resistance at 7721, if it break it, it will go at 8800 and 9600

The trader recommended buying BTCUSD at 7187.36 on the last day of 2019, which proved to be a great deal since the cryptocurrency has gone up to 8752 so far.

4th place danitani455

the pair now is in the down side of the channel, there big chance to go up, untill 14.50 where we find the last support n and now it’s the first resistance, if the pair break this area, we will see the upside of channel, it means 14.70 and 17.80 area.

The trader suggested buying USDZAR at 14.17 on December 24, 2019. The pair trades at 14.37 at the moment. The move with the 1:50 leverage could have given you a great profit.

5th place – softzeyan

After breaking the last resistance, GBPJPY is inside the triangle, and now we have two choices, if the breaking happen in the upside we will see 145.73, otherwise we will see 141.15 .

The trader described two scenarios for GBPJPY at 143.64 on January 2.

Honorable mentions

Bidahouria21, chemkhedidja, nurhd007, mehmet.gurel, sebastian.carneiro – thanks for participating and good luck in the next edition of our contest.

The $100 Prize Pool will be divided by 10 lucky winners! 




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