Happy Winter Holidays and a Great 2020!

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It’s been an amazing year for cryptocurrency, forex, stock, gold, and other commodities traders. A great year for margin trading! We know it best since the SimpleFX community was thriving all through 2019. 

We had a great time. Thank you for trading with us! We’d like to wish you a happy holiday and a fantastic year 2020!

When the cryptocurrency markets were quiet, we saw our users moving to other sectors – forex and stocks. Especially at the end of the year when the US shares rallied strongly. 

It all started great for us as in March we won the prestigious Best Trading Platform Award at Finance World Expo 2019. The world’s most renowned experts appreciated SimpleFX WebTrader for great usability on mobile devices, remarkable speed, and a strong community of users.

We started the year with around 200,000 active traders thinking we may slow down a little bit. But we didn’t have grown another 17.5%, and at the moment there are over 235,000 traders from all over the world, six continents, using SimpleFX WebTrader. Thanks!

The SimpleFX Affiliate Network thrived. We introduced new advertisement designs to help our partners earn more. The busiest part of the year came in May when the affiliates attracted thousands of new users with our special promo Game of Thrones banners.

We have introduced some awesome features for affiliates. The most popular and effective were the Live Quotes and Liva Charts widgets we launched at the beginning of 2019. Now every website owner can put real-time tickers for free and earn a 25% lifetime revenue share.

Each time we launched a monthly Cashback Promo we’ve experienced local peaks in trading volume. No wonder, since in March, August, and October you could trade with the lowest spreads, and get a fat cashback paid in bitcoins.

Additionally, you can win Bitcoins participating in our Trading Ideas Contests and try to predict the next Non-Farm Payroll number each month.

The stock trading on SimpleFX exploded during the hottest IPOs of 2019 of the hottest tech companies: UBER and Slack. Both proved to be a great stock to short for months to come 🙂

On the other hand, we also added Boeing to the long list of companies you can trade on SimpleFX. It proved to be a great instrument to both buy and sell, with strong trends lasting several weeks.

We also added Monero and Ethereum Classic accounts. At the end of the year, we released a new Light Theme for both desktop and mobile versions of the SimpleFX WebTrader.

Finally, we have recorded a new set of tutorials for beginner traders. Check them out if you are new to SimpleFX WebTrader. If you are an affiliate, you will find them very helpful with the onboarding of new traders to our platform. Check the YouTube playlist here.

We never stop. What’s next? At the beginning of 2020, you can expect us to introduce Tether payments and a new website. Stay tuned.


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