Every Month You Can Win 100$ Sharing a SimpleFX Trading Idea

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Trading Ideas (TI) is a captivating social trading feature that allows you to share your opinion on cryptocurrency, stock or forex trends, gain community appreciation, and earn lifetime revenue share through the SimpleFX affiliate program.

On the 14th day of every month (starting from November 14, 2019), we launch a new edition of SimpleFX Trading Ideas Contest, which lasts until the 14th day of the next month.

Traders who share their Trading Ideas can win $100 paid in Bitcoin each month.

Ten winners will be selected by the SimpleFX Jury. The points will be awarded for:

a. The number of likes and comments received by a Trading Idea (max. 5 points)
b. The quality of a Trading Idea. (max. 5 points)

The contest is available for everyone, however terms and conditions may apply.

What are the Trading Ideas?

You can create a Trading Idea with just a few clicks. Just make a snapshot of your chart analysis, add a comment, and share it inside the app or in social media. Each Trading Idea carries the user’s referral link that will track the registrations and trades to pay out the lifetime revenue share.

Thanks to the Trading Ideas you can:

  1. Inspire your friends
  2. Introduce new traders to the network
  3. Engage the members of your network
  4. Let others make money for themselves and for you
  5. Become a social media trading star

Creating and sharing a Trading Idea is effortless. Here’s a short guide on how to do it.


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