Trade with the Lowest Fees in October and Get a $500 Cashback

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According to Goldman Sachs strategist, “markets will go wild in October“. The crypto, forex, stock, forex, gold, and silver will go up and down as the trading volume will increase globally.

There’s so much going on and so many markets are on the edge of a trend change, you simply cannot miss an opportunity of profitable margin trading. Let’s pump up the trading volume! SimpleFX cuts spread for all the transactions in October – make sure you make the most of it.

In September the Federal Reserve has not only cut interest rates but also pumped $278 billion to the banking system in overnight funding. The New York Fed has already declared that it’s going to continue the repurchase operation until mid-October. 

Trade with lower fees

This is great news for the margin traders. Every instrument can be affected, this should bring more volatility to the markets. Both gold, silver and cryptocurrencies markets should include this information into the prices.

The European Central Bank also decided to cut the deposit rate from minus 0.4 to a record low minus 0.5. The world’s banking system is entering uncharted waters, and it will have an impact on forex markets.

How about Oil, one of the favorite commodities among SimpleFX traders? The oil markets in October are going to be even more interesting. Apart from the long term uncertainty of the future macroeconomic trends – in simple words when will the downturn come – we have plenty of geopolitical tensions. The regional conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia (the proxy war in Yemen) has resulted in many incidents that shook the oil prices. 

In the background, the Saudis are lingering with the IPO of Saudi Arabian Oil Co. more widely known as Aramco. 

For CFD trader this means great times for making a profit. October is one of the busiest months for business and trading. Make sure you make the most of it trading on your desktop, laptop or mobile with the same platform.

It’s going to be the hottest trading month of the year and we want to put even more heat to our already scorching platform. Throughout the month SimpleFX will offer a 20% lower spread (here are the T&C). You’ll get all the saved money back with a cashback transfer to your account.

Make sure your account is funded and ready to go before October 1. Check out if you have any live account active

Spread the word using the new October Cashback Promo banners in the affiliate panel. 

Make a guess and win Bitcoins

Once again we give away $250 in Bitcoins. Just try to guess the value of the next Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) that is going to be published on October 4, at 8:30 a.m. EST (12:30 UTC). Publish your prediction in SimpleFX ShoutBox.

Here’s how it works.


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