How Will a New Approach to iPhone Lineup Affect Apple Stock?

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Apple had come up with a rather simple approach in design to its iPhone lineup even before it started producing the iPhone XS. You can go for any of the old models of the iPhone, or you should go for the shiny new model.

Apple stock has shown some strong trends in recent months, which make it an attractive margin trading instrument

The flagship model made last year, the iPhone SE complicated things temporarily, but it is not so anymore. The entire design changed just last year. After the iPhone X was removed from the market, customers were left with any of the three options highlighted below:

  • The flagship for that year, which are XS or XS Max
  •  The lower end model for last year (XR)
  • A home-button model of the previous generation (7 or 8)

The company compelled those that would have loved to buy the model for last year to go for the XR model. 

Dan Moren from MacWorld wonders what can happen this year, however. People wonder what will happen this year; that is if the XS and XS Max will be discarded like the X, with all of them being replaced by a new design of iPhone Apple device. People also wonder if Apple will revert to its old method of producing mobile devices, as well as, make XS and XS Max a lot more affordable alternatives to the new set of models being made by the company. Many more market watchers pitch their tents with the possibility of Apple producing new flagship devices. It is, however, possible that Apple will make the XS Max and the XS it’s preferred methods while bumping the iPhone XR so that the XR and the XR Max will become the new-generation devices for all. 

The lineup expected for 2020 are:

  • All Home butt
  • on models will not be included 
  • The original iPhone XR will come at a lower price
  • The lower-end model   for that year; that is, the XR equivalent 
  • The flagship for that year available in two sizes. 

Every iPhone in the lineup comes with the new design language, and the Home button models are already abandoned. Be that as it may, the company still offers a highly affordable entry device. 

The cost of the iPhone XR is $749 when it is new. However, Apple decided to drop the price by $100 per year on older phones. Consequently, the device will reduce to $649 this year and will reduce to $549 by 2020 after the launching of the iPhone. That makes the device to be $100 more affordable than the most affordable iPhone on sale today, which is the iPhone 7. 

SELL Apple        BUY Apple

The discounts on the Apple product may be somewhat aggressive, and the price can go down to as low as $499. Be that as it may, it is a way of telling customers that need entry-level devices that they can access the new design language that comes with Face ID for something more expensive than before. 

In the year 2020, Apple may unveil new flagships or come up with lower-end models that are equivalent to the XR. Also, the flagship for 2019 can disappear. 


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