August is Going to Be the Hottest Trading Month and We Offer You a $500 Cashback

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This August will be the best month for trading crypto, stock, forex, and commodities. There’s so much going on and so many markets are on the edge of a trend change, you simply cannot miss an opportunity of profitable margin trading. Let’s pump up the trading volume! SimpleFX cuts spread for all the transactions in August – make sure you make the most of it.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on the rise again. Gold is trending up and even silver may be on the brink of a breakout. At the same time, the global stock may be approaching the turning point as there are more and more signs about slow down or even a recession lurking. Global investment banks are downgrading the forecast for stock and there have been some gloomy macroeconomic data published

This also means very interesting times for crude oil prices, where the volatility of the price depends on both the future of global economic growth (where uncertainty would drive the prices down with concerns about the demand) as well as political tensions in the Middle East (where uncertainty would create a downtrend pressure with worries about the future supply).

Check out the Best Trading App

For CFD trader’s this means great times for making a profit. Especially when there’s often nothing else to do during the holiday season. You can take your smartphone with you on the beach and trade with the best trading app available.

While it’s difficult to predict the trends in August, one thing is sure – you should spend the time in a beautiful relaxing place with good internet access trading. You should also use SimpleFX WebTrader – the best mobile trading app. 

It’s going to be the hottest trading month of the year and we want to put even more heat to our already scorching platform. Throughout the month SimpleFX will offer a 20% lower spread (here are the T&C). You’ll get all the saved money back with a cashback transfer to your account.

Make sure your account is funded and ready to go before August 1. Check out if you have any live account active

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Make a guess and win Bitcoins

Once again we give away $250 in Bitcoins. Just try to guess the value of the next Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) that is going to be published on August 2, at 8:30 a.m. EST (12:30 UTC). Publish your prediction in SimpleFX ShoutBox.

Here’s how it works.


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