Attention: Japanese Golden Week May Affect Markets + Upcoming Changes to Trading Schedule

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Japan is entering an extended spring holiday. It’s called Golden Week and lasts from April 27 to May 6. This year Golden Week is especially long and will cause the longest break in trading since the end of World War II.

We advise all SimpleFX traders to stay vigilant as low liquidity on global markets, especially during Eastern Asian office hours, may cause extreme price movements.

There’s also substantial risk of “flash crashes”. The last example of such an event took place in January 2019, when Japanese yen appreciated more than 10%. You can see the USDJPY red candle on the screen above.

How to protect your account?

Of course, the best way to avoid any risk is to stay out of the markets, but we understand that most of the SimpleFX traders want to keep on making a profit. That’s why we recommend setting stop loss levels, especially when trading JPY crosses.

Changes to trading hours

Over the next days, there are going to be several changes in trading hours

From April 29 to May 5 the JP Stocks and NIKKEI225 index will be closed.

On April 4 the stock exchange in Sweden closes early at 10:55 UTC.

On May 1 (Labour Day) the stocks traded in Hongkong, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and Turkey, as well as DAX30 index will be closed.


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