Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum spark interest after the 20% one hour price jump

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There was a popular online story saying that “how to buy Ripple” question in Google has outperformed “how to buy Bitcoin”. The authors are claiming that these are the results given by Google Trends. We checked it and it turned out to be “fake news” unless there’s some mistake in Google’s service.

The phrases about Bitcoin are by far more popular in the US and worldwide. However, it’s very interesting how the price movement affected the global interest in buying the most popular cryptocurrencies. Just take a look at this Google Trends graph from the last week. This is based on the number of people typing in the phrases to the Google search box globally.

What was true in the popular story is just that Ripple search overtook Bitcoin in the US momentarily on March 29, but making a big story out of it seems like Ripples PR spin.

The bad news is that most of them arrived late to the party as the spike lasted more than an hour. You need to have your trading account funded and ready to take advantage of this kind of opportunities.

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