The most amazing BTCUSD prediction ever? The guy called the “black swan” 20% Bitcoin jump to $5000 a day earlier!

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On Tuesday BTCUSD went high up to $5000 for the first time since November. It was definitely a “black swan” event. However a trader Crypto ฿itlord called the move yesterday in a Twitter video. Just take a look at it and decide if it was a stroke of luck.

He made his prediction based on the Bitmex Insurance Fund chart. It looked it was about to break out, and took it for a signal of a big move. He even called it could reach $4,000 and $5,000.

Crypto ฿itlord is well known to the cryptocurrency Twitter community. If you lack his skills and experience, feel free to follow him. If you had followed him yesterday and had some funds ready on the SimpleFX WebTrader app, you’d be one swipe away from making fortune.

Don’t miss the next opportunity

Watch the YouTube where the guy goes out of his mind calling it “the sickest prediction in cryptocurrencies ever“. He also explains how he himself almost went bust with the unexpected event.

What do you think? Was it pure luck? Is he going to repeat it anytime soon?


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