How to start trading with your mobile

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The smartphone generation prefers action over analysis. If you’d like to make money with successful trades from anywhere, you should stop wondering, and just start doing it.

It’s easier than you think. Mobile apps are ready for effective trading. I write more about it in this article

First step: Set up an account

  1. Pick an app. SimpleFX WebTrader is designed for smartphones and tablets. The trading app adjusts to any screen size and the interface is optimized for small screens.
  2. Sign up with just a few taps. Accept the T&C and choose the e-mail address you’ll use for this account.
  3. Pick a strong password.
  4. That’s it. You’re account is ready to use once you verify the e-mail.

Second step: Open an order

My profile on SimpleFX is ready.

This one is even easier. I’m trading with my DEMO AUD account. Let’s buy some Ripple. I need to fint the symbol, since I haven’t added it to my favorites yet.

  1. Tap the search icon.
  2. Type in “Ripple” and tap the XRPUSD symbol on the list.
  3. Now you can see the XRPUSD chart. It’s 1M Japanese candlestick chart, where each candle represents one minute worth of trading. It’s very good for quick trades. Just tap the space between “SELL” and “BUY” buttons to determine the number of lots you want to trade.
  4. Now you can just swipe the buttons to open a long or short position. I go for a “BUY” order.
  5. Now I just have to confirm the order. As you can see, I can do it even faster unchecking the “Trade confirmations” option.

That’s it. My trade is active now.

How to close a position

This one is even easier. I have already made some profit on my AUDJPY “BUY” order I made yesterday. My position was quite big. Thanks to the leverage I could make a 1,000,000 AUD order, and I have already made almost 5,500 Australian dollars. Let’s call it a day then.

  1. I just tap the position bar.
  2. Now I can see the details. I tap “CLOSE ORDER” and the money is safe on my account.
  3. I can use it to practice more. If it were my LIVE Account I would have been able to transfer the money to my bank account or crypto wallet. That’s it. Enjoy trading with SimpleFX on your mobile!

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