Introducing Free SimpleFX Live Quotes and Charts Widgets

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SimpleFX has just added new real-time charts and quotes widgets. You can customize them in just a few clicks and place on your website giving more value to your readers.

The widgets are available at the affiliate management platform and each has a referral link, which means you will get an up to 25% lifetime revenue share from every new SimpleFX user that registers after clicking a widget.

It’s as simple as this.

Increase your traffic and engagement rates

Millions of people invest in cryptocurrencies globally, hundreds of millions own stock, and billions are following currency exchange rates. They are looking for real-time quotes as they want to compare the prices of different instruments and see the current trends.There are investors among this group, there are also people checking the value of their savings, and there are also all the people interested in the foreign exchange rates. These needs amount to billions of Google searches.

If you own a site that in any way touches these topics, inserting SimpleFX live widgets can:

  • Reduce the bounce rate for these visits
  • Increase your website’s visibility in search result pages
  • Give you an additional revenue streams

SimpleFX Live Quotes and Charts Widgets are made for your site, blog, social media profile or forum. All you have to do is copy an iframe code and paste it to your site. You can use the default settings or customize them to match the layout and design of your site.

The widgets work with every website technology. You get this content for free. We do it to promote SimpleFX outstanding services and help our Affiliate Partners increase revenue.

Get unique content with full customization

Each website owner can customize the widget so they get unique content. Here’s how to do it. Choose the instruments you want to show – BTCUSD, XRPUSD,  APPL.US, NZDAUD or any of the hundreds of tradable instruments available on SimpleFX.

The next step is to adjust the layout, design, size, and language. Finally, you just copy the widget’s code and paste it anywhere you want. The widget right-hand WordPress column is a good place.

Let me walk you through each of the widgets. You can find them all in your dashboard.

First, log into SimpleFX, then click the ☰ menu, and choose “Refer friends”. In the dashboard choose “referral link” from the right-hand menu, and then “+add widget”.

Here’s the complete list of the widgets we have just launched.

Market Overview Widget

This is our first choice widget – it’s so universal. The Market Overview Widget will attract both experienced and beginner traders. Your site’s visitors will have an opportunity to have a quick overview of the stock and currency pairs that are the most interesting for them.

Use the intuitive editor to create a market overview widget that fits your site’s content. The symbols you add will be automatically grouped into different categories, such as cryptocurrency, Forex, Equities JP, Equities US, etc.

This is the most powerful of the widgets. You can configure it in many different ways. Market Overview Widget provides a quick glance at the latest market activity across various sectors. It works great for homepages. Set your own instrument lists and tabs to cover what you need, adjust the timeframe for the chart or even hide the chart completely.

You can also choose from a dark or light theme to match your site’s design better and adjust the size to fit the layout and present all the quotes and charts you want to show. You can do the same adjustments also with the other widgets.

Live Quotes

Get ready for one of the most flexible widgets. With just a few clicks you can create a list of any real-time tickers that change as the market prices flow.

Pick any instrument – you can decide what you want to show your visitors. Remember that you can place many Live Quotes tables on your site or blog – so you can prepare different ones for each page, post or section.

You can also decide which elements you’d like to show: Widget Header, Symbol, Sell and Buy buttons, 24h Change and a flag that shows the region or instrument category.

Feel free to adjust the size of your widgets, as well as the language. SimpleFX LIve Quote and Chart Widgets are fully international and will help you reach audiences anywhere on the globe.

Live Quotes Bar  

Live Quotes Bar Widget is a horizontal ticker with instrument prices. The prices change in real-time every fraction of a second. You can add as many instruments as you want. A long list of quotes will keep some of your visitors engaged for sure.

This is a great widget to place at the very top of each finance-related site. Whenever you write about cryptocurrency, stock or anyhow relate to foreign exchange you can customize the real-time live quotes bar accordingly.

You can add or remove any trading instrument by typing a part of the symbol name into the search bar, and clicking the “+” or “-” button.

Intraday Chart

This advanced chart widget is very simple to use. You solely choose any instrument you talk about in your site, blog or social media profile.

Just type in a symbol or instrument’s name and you will see how the result list narrows to what you search for – Forex pair, cryptocurrency, stock or index. Then press the green “+” button to get the intraday chart of the instrument you want.

It’s a free and powerful charting solution that easily embeds into any website. The data on the intraday chart is one of the most sought after information for people searching for the “bitcoin price”, CNYUSD rate or Nvidia stock price.

Now the best part about the new SimpleFX Live Widgets. Your site’s visitors can click “SELL” or “BUY” buttons to directly go to the SimpleFX WebTrader. For every referral that registers to the platform through a widget on your page, you will get a lifetime revenue share of up to 25 percent. This means that for any transaction they ever make with these accounts you will get up to one-quarter of the spread. Not bad!

Currency Converter

It’s a universal tool that will help you can reach billions of people who are looking for foreign exchange rates of their currency. 

You can choose the default currencies pair that will appear in your site, however, the visitors can use the converter with any currency pair.

It’s a conversion tool designed to attract a broad audience as possible. Still, every visitor that creates an account clicking “Powered by SimpleFX” label or any other referral link on the page will join your lifetime revenue network.

Give SimpleFX Widgets a try and see yourself how effective they can be. They are 100% free, and we will pay you up to 25% lifetime rev share for every account registered after clicking at any of the widgets. You can use the widgets to upgrade your site or to create a new website.

Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.


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