Use SimpleFX Black Friday Superb Promo to Engage Your Affiliates

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We are cutting the spread on each trade made with SimpleFX by 50%.¬† That’s really low, and we are sure that the experienced traders will appreciate it. And experienced high volume traders are the ones that generate your revenue!

Everyone who has built a successful affiliate marketing network with SimpleFX knows that attracting new customers is the easy part. SimpleFX WebTrader is a great tool, it’s so easy to register a free demo or a live account.

The challenge comes with engaging your affiliates to trade more. Let them try the awsome SimpleFX features, feel the experience of mobile trading with our app and they will stick to it bringing you life-long steady income every day. Don’t waste the great opportunity of our Black Friday 50% Discount.

Here’s what to do.

Grab the fantastic online ads package

Log into SimpleFX, and go to the “Refer friends” section in the top left corner to open the affiliate dashboard.

Then go to the “Campaigns” section and click “NEW CAMPAIGN¬†+”…

…and type in the campaign name.

Now, share the campaign choosing banner option.

Click on the filter icon and type in “Black Friday”.

You will get all the formats of fantastic optimized CTA ads promoting the discount.

You can also use animated banner ads.

Choose one of the languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese or Turkish – and the format you want to insert on your website, social media profile, or include in the mail. Then just copy the HTML code, and you’re done.

Make sure all members of your affiliate network get the message. Encourage them to trade and earn more on Black Friday.

It’s also a good idea to create a Black Friday campaign to attract new traders. Make the most of the opportunity and expand your passive income base!


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