How to Use SimpleFX Cashback Promo to Expand Your Affiliate Network

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We have officially launched SimpleFX WebTrader 2.0. To encourage trying the new app we started a limited-time cashback offer that cuts by 20% the spread on each trade. It’s a great opportunity for every SimpleFX user to build up their affiliate networks.

Here’s our press release about the new app and the promo.

Everything’s ready in the Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software. Here’s a short guide on How to Launch a Cashback Promo Affiliate Campaign.

The slogan

Adjust our main English campaign slogan to your language. Our marketing team came up with:

Try SimpleFX Today and Get $500 Cashback

You can read the details of the promo here, but it all sums up to basic message:

  • you can trade with a 20% lower spread on each transaction
  • you will receive up to $500 cashback of the money you saved on the spread
  • this is a limited-time offer. Trade now to make most of it

Using Cashback Promo Media Gallery in

First, open dashboard by clicking hamburger icon ☰ and then on “Refer friends” tab.

In the dashboard choose “Media gallery”

Now click the filter icon and type in “cashback”

In the Cashback Promotion media gallery, choose the format you’d like to use

Finally, copy the HTML code and paste it on your website or e-mail.

Set up a Cashback Promo Campaign

It’s also a good idea to set up a special campaign dedicated to our limited-time promo. It will be easier for you to manage it once it ends on the 8th of November.

First, click “NEW CAMPAIGN +” in the “Campaigns” menu in

Type in the name, say “Cashback Promo”, and click “CREATE CAMPAIGN”.

Share the Campaign to drive revenue.

Choose the sharing method. Links are the easiest to start.

Copy the link to clipboard and insert them on your page, e-mails direct messages to friends or social media.

If you have any questions write them in the comments or contact SimpleFX support.

Good luck with building your affiliate empire!


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