How to update SimpleFX referral links and banners with

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SimpleFX partnered with a 3rd-party affiliate tracking platform The goal is to provide You the most flexible and powerful affiliate tracking tool while keeping full transparency and high revenue share rates reaching 40 percent.

With you get valuable real-time stats. If you are using old SimpleFX referral links you can’t see them. Even if you don’t see any stats generated by the old links, don’t worry you are still getting all the money. You can check it visiting “Wallet” section in the dashboard.

Here’s a short guide to update the links in your affiliate network.

  1. Login to SimpleFX Webtrader, click “Refer friends” in the left side-in menu and go to
  2. Click “Referral link” in the left side menu,
  3. Click “+ ADD LINK”,
  5. copy the link to the clipboard,
  6. and paste the new links in the place of the old ones.

If you are using old SimpleFX affiliate banners, get new ones.

  1. Click “+ ADD BANNER”
  2. Choose a banner set,
  3. Choose language, banner size, and copy your HTML code,
  4. Replace old codes with new ones.

WARNING: The old SimpleFX referral links will stop adding up to your “ Wallet” on the 31st of October 2018. Make sure you replace them everywhere until then.

If you have any questions, contact our SimpleFX Affiliate Support team.


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