How to open a pending CFD order

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Welcome to Simple FX WebTrader tutorial. In this video, we will show you how to open a pending order.

Open a “New order” window. Click the “NEW ORDER” button at the bottom of the screen, and choose the PENDING tab.

Set the direction of the trade: SELL or BUY. Choose the order size and the price level at which the order will be activated. After activation your order is being executed on market price, so activation price is not the one on which your order will be opened.

You can set take profit and “Stop Loss” levels and the order expiration date. At this time your order will be canceled if not executed. All pending orders that haven’t bee executed are canceled automatically after 180 days.

Click submit button to confirm the order. You can see your order on the chart and in trade list below the chart, in the PENDING orders tab at the bottom of the screen.


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